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Welcome to BurgerCraft.[edit]


Welcome to BurgerCraft! The IP is

This is a survival Minecraft 1.19 server, with several extensions to the Vanilla experience, such as


  • Let others be.
    • If someone asks you to leave their place, or for you to stop something, then do it.
  • Absolutely no hacking/exploiting
    • This goes without saying. Instant ban.
  • Absolutely NO bigotry/homophobia/racism. No targeted attacks, everyone is welcome.
    • This should also go without saying.
  • Just keep it clean!
    • Of course, you can swear, just don't be that one person who uses "fuck" as their only interjection.
    • Don't be posting porn, don't be spamming, etc.

Getting started[edit]

You should read up on Commands, look at the Dynmap, check out the Economy, and start your adventure!

Make sure to look at FrenchVanilla, the alternate progression used in BurgerCraft.[edit]

While you're at it, come join us on Discord!